Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Do-it-Yourself Asbestos Sampling Kit

Even if you suspect that some of the materials in your house have asbestos in them, there’s no way you can be sure about this assumption until you have your home officially tested for asbestos.


Asbestos abatement and asbestos removal companies often offer professional asbestos testing services to help you determine if there is asbestos present in your property.


But some people prefer to purchase ready to use asbestos sampling kits at the local hardware stores near them.


Contrary to what other people may believe, asbestos sampling kits are not testing kits that will immediately let you know if there’s asbestos in your home, they are simply set where you will put suspected samples of asbestos in your home. These samples will then be sent to asbestos testing labs to be expertly evaluated.


Using DIY asbestos sampling kits can have its own advantages and disadvantages.




The truth is, the main advantage of using DIY asbestos sampling kits is its price. Purchasing a DIY asbestos sampling kit can be a lot more affordable than hiring a professional asbestos tester. This is particularly true if the asbestos testing professional charges by the hour.




Asbestos becomes highly dangerous when it becomes disturbed. And if you’re not extremely careful in collecting a sample, you might just disturb the asbestos and put your entire family in danger.


Sending the asbestos sample for testing might mean an additional cost if the kit you have bought doesn’t come with free testing services.


You would need to wait a week or two for the results of the asbestos to be available. If the result is positive, then you might have already exposed your family to the asbestos even before were certain about its presence. Have you opted to hire a professional to do the testing for you, the removal asbestos process can be started a lot sooner. Contact the top rated company for asbestos removal vancouver homeowners rely on – Call Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros today!