Biggest Mistakes You Can Commit in Do-it-Yourself Asbestos Removal

Generally speaking, do-it-yourself asbestos removal is not encouraged because of the dangers asbestos can bring.

You will find that many countries don’t recommend DIY asbestos removal at all. But in some cases, you can still try to remove asbestos yourself. That is, if you know what to do, you have the right equipment to carry out the job, you are removing asbestos from a residential property, and the space you’ll be removing asbestos from is relatively small.


If you are determined to remove the asbestos in your home, there are some mistakes you might easily commit – therefore, you have to be extra careful.

One of the biggest and worst mistakes you can commit is to disturb asbestos that would otherwise be intact. Asbestos only gets dangerous once it becomes disturbed or becomes friable. The minute asbestos becomes crumbly, it can spread to the air and be inhaled.

So before you try and ‘remove’ the asbestos in your home, make sure you have to have it removed in the first place. Presence of asbestos can be controlled and it’s not every time that asbestos must be removed from a property, especially if it is undamaged in any way.

Another mistake you can make is improper disposal of asbestos. Asbestos shouldn’t be treated just like your regular household waste. This toxic material requires special handling. Find out what your local laws and regulations are when it comes to asbestos disposal.

Additionally, there are strict laws surrounding asbestos removal. Even professional asbestos removal companies should comply with these laws and regulation with every asbestos removal job they take. If you don’t research and prepare enough regarding these laws, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Avoid this mistake by securing all the necessary documents and taking precautionary measures before even proceeding to the actual asbestos removal.